Few were privy to the cultural impact LA would have beyond the scope of its borders when first founded.

Today, Los Angeles has established a legacy of creative pioneers setting trends that carry cultural influence throughout the world.

The street of North Orange in Hollywood bears witness to this legacy where creative leaders from all major industries call this area home.

As part of LA Design Festival, the creatives of North Orange Drive in Hollywood will be hosting The Scene At Orange, a one night, open-house collective involving creative industry leaders in Architecture, Fashion, Music, Art and Media.

We invite the design community of LA to explore our spaces, see what it is we do and celebrate LA's creative scene.



June 8, 2017



Participating Studios-

5+design- 1024 N Orange

High Fidelity- 1027 N Orange

LAXArt- 7000 California Route 2

Libra Leather- 1032 N Orange